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Crafting Experiences​

Established in 1982, Pigments India Ltd has been in the business of manufacturing Synthetic Iron Oxide for more than 3 decades. Pigments India Ltd is a name to reckon with in the Synthetic Iron Oxide manufacturing industry, embedded with a professional group of labors dedicated to deliver high quality products to our customers through the help of constant research & development. By incorporating our business strengths and strategies, we Pigments India Ltd have boosted our capabilities to maintain the leading edge in the industry & earn the loyalty of our customers.


Our Mission is to manufacture extraordinary premium quality Synthetic Iron Oxide and make available for the customers and enable them to produce various quality products, through which to earn loyal customers for life.

Our vision is to provide extraordinary premium quality Synthetic Iron Oxides to the industries concerned through hassle free and easy business policies.

Pigments India is originally established to popularize a trendsetting product concept among the public to make their life more ‘colorful’ – Synthetic Iron Oxide. Pigments India, with its passion and dedication to engineer this trendsetter to new heights, has been in the forefront on manufacturing and marketing Synthetic Iron Oxide. To ensure the very best quality, Pigments India integrate the use of water from Kerala state, which is considered as the purest unblended source compared to any other region.

Years of professional commitment has indeed paid off with Pigments India’s products ranking at the top in the industry. Its name became a synonym for Synthetic Iron Oxide products in corporate and homes alike.

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Our Values

Made in India

Our Customers value quality and we value their satisfaction by delivering the quality that exceeds their expectation through systematic processing and professional services. We take pride in producing premium quality Synthetic Iron oxide in this country which holds such a rich tradition of inventing great things. Our production facilities are placed in India and we are proud of producing quality.

Focused on Small Business

Our products are undergone the most modern quality tests and it is made to meet the demand for a quality product to serve the local market. The domestically developed products of Pigments Indian Ltd are capable to ensure superior quality and results. It helps the small business to provide great customer satisfaction. The promising product performance works like an added feature and helps the local and small businesses to find sustainable business potential.

Responsible Chemistry

We strongly believe that our business must consider the environmental well being in all its operations as well as its output. Our production processes and products themselves are ensured to be harmless to nature and any living beings. Our production systems are using environment-friendly materials and products processes are ensured to be eco-friendly. As a result of meeting all the quality throughout the production, our final products are proven to be nature friendly.

Our Areas of Expertise

Available in various colors and textures – especially Yellow, Red, Black – well suited for each & every customer requirements.

Can be used with almost anything such as rubber, bricks, plaster, mortar, oilcloth, linoleum, …. in addition to paints and other kinds of pigmentable substances. It’s also ideal for paper and wood stains.

Useful in a range of applications namely, colored waxes, wood finishing, shading pore filler pastes, tinting wood fillers, furniture touch-up, etc.

Also forms a fine mix with wood putties, plastic resins, epoxy, plaster, color concrete, so on… for variety purposes.

Pigments India’s Synthetic Iron Oxide is not just good but the best available in today’s market. This is testified not by words or ads but by the innumerable clients ranging from corporate to households.