Synthetic iron oxide Yellow composes the paved tile’s stain resistance and also averts discoloring or acute fading of tiles. It comes with 86% purity and makes the tiles bloom into extreme vibrancy. The tiles applied with synthetic iron oxide Yellow excel in residential and commercial properties and have evolved to be an exotic focal point. A preferred combination of yellow tiles, red tiles, and grey tiles provides natural and elegant appearance.


Successfully withstanding all the tests of time synthetic iron oxide Red comprises of scarlet red color with a little hue of rust color mixed with it and comes with maximum purity. The richness and brightness of these pigments enhance the classic look with less intensity and provide an artistically pleasing surface with compound shades and variations. Paved tiles incorporated with elegant and easy-to-maintain synthetic iron oxide red usually give a lustrous finish and get better with time.

Red 645

We manufacture premium quality micro fined synthetic iron oxide red with bluer tinting which has accurate composition and provides prolonged shelf life known for
its purity of a minimum proportion of 98%, Red 645 is processed under the guidance of experts, which enhances color strength. The application of micro fined synthetic
iron oxide Red 645 with bluer tint very well reacts with the texture of paving tiles. It creates a familiar blend of warmth and positive tones as it has color flexibility and
environmental adaptability.

Bright Red

We have premium-quality synthetic iron oxide in the Bright Red variant also. It has accurate composition and prolonged shelf life. It is processed under the supervision of experts, thus it stands unique in its color proportion and enhances its color strength. It is made in a manner to apply easily and to give a positive & warm tone to the surfaces by adapting flexibly to the environment.


Synthetic Black from Pigments India Ltd. is a well-synthesized iron oxide pigment that has been developed through most modern technologies and hence has
excellent dispersion capacity which makes the entire process easy for paving tile manufacturers. The high tinting strength and color consistency of our synthetic black pigments especially with flooring black and jet black make it most favorite in the paving tiles industry. Our synthetic Black pigment is of excellent quality and has become synonymous with an elevated degree of permanence as the color exists for a very long time without any fading.


Synthetic iron oxide Grey from Pigments India Ltd. has been gaining momentum and more significance in the paving industry for the last few years and is highly chosen by paving tile manufacturers. It provides predictable looks after processing and has high fastness towards intense weather. The neutral and subtle color impression offered by grey tiles using our Grey oxide is not only impressive but
also long-lasting.

Stone Grey

Synthetic iron oxide Stone Grey is a more naturally appealing version of the color grey. This grey is a little dark in shade and reflects a feeling of minimal and natural surface. It doesn’t exhibit dirt or any formations, so it will be a great option for spaces which is vulnerable to outdoor interactions.

Silver Grey

Silver Grey is a lighter version of the grey shade. It will be more reflective and aesthetically attractive. It enhances a standard colour feel. Synthetic iron oxide Silver Grey is a perfect choice for outdoor surfaces. The quality of our product will result in its long-lasting colour performance and its most modern production ensures excellent quality and it provides absolute colour purity.

Dark Brown

Perfectly withstanding the outdoor conditions, synthetic Dark Brown pigments give a perfect look to the terrain where ever it is paved. It provides absolute color purity
and good dispersibility without any formations of aggregates and is a choice of many.